Welcome to Out of the Bilge!



My three bouy hammockchildren and I moved aboard a tiny houseboat in Southeast Alaska in 2013. It is an incredibly challenging way to live. This is not my first time living aboard, but it is my children’s first experience. Our friends and family have tons of questions and are often surprised by the things we take for granted as harbor denizens and what we do not. Enjoy learning about the mundane and exotic aspects of small-space and maritime living! Images are courtesy E~R~S Photography.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Out of the Bilge!

  1. colton

    i love your blog and i hope you continue to post as i am seriously considering a live-aboard and i would really like some insight and how-to on the subject 🙂

    1. outofthebilge Post author

      Hey Colton,
      Thanks for reading and commenting. I would be happy to answer any questions I can. I lived aboard many years ago as a single person and it is MUCH different than doing it with kids!


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