Simple Toaster Oven Breakfast

sausage and hashbrowns

Small space cooking means simple cooking. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I don’t have counter space to do any real prep.  I don’t have a hot plate or a microwave – just a little convection toaster oven and a crock pot.
This easy breakfast takes only 2 ingredients: frozen hash browns and sausage links.

First, I lined the toaster oven rack with aluminum foil. Then I piled up a couple handfuls of organic hash browns (these are the Alexa brand from Costco). Next I lined the potato perimeter (I love alliteration!) with good breakfast sausage links (fresh in the Costco meat department).

Bake at 350 or 375 for a while – say 15-20 minutes. Or more. I’m not awesome at that whole timing thing.

Tip: Turning up the edges of the foil keeps any juice/grease from running into the bottom of your oven.

I did find a thin layer of hash browns stuck to the foil. Someone recommended spraying the foil first. I don’t do that. For me, that’s just one. more. thing. to find a place for AND it’s just one. more. step. I need less stuff and less steps. But, it may be useful for you.

I’d think you could lay the sausages like little logs and put the potatoes on top and that might be a good alternative. The sausages won’t brown up that way, so if that carmalizing, browning effect is important to you, keep that in mind.

Someone else suggested breaking a couple of eggs over the pile. I haven’t tried that, but I’d think it would be good.

Besides this being crazily easy and FAST to prepare I love, love, love that I don’t have a pan to scrub. I seriously love using foil as a pan. Crumple that sucker up and toss it in the trash once it’s cool. From my boat-living perspective, it saves on water which I really appreciate since we have to fill tanks less often when dishes are easy.

I’d LOVE to hear some of your ideas for variations on this. I’m particularly interested in “whole food” additions that can be bought pre-packaged. Diced onions would be awesome. Leave me a comment with your suggestions!

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